Rabu, 30 Mei 2012


Holiday fun  without the cost of expensive. Indonesia has a lot of very interesting sights. One of them, the Botanical Garden, West Java with a cheap cost we can already feel the comfort and beauty in the City of Rain. In the coolness of the Bogor Botanical Gardens and the beautiful natural scenery is always welcome the arrival of the tourists who benrtandang there. In addition, the Botanical Garden can also broaden the visitors about various kinds of plants that diverse. Even in the garden this one a lot of trees which have reached hundreds of years old.
1 month ago me and my friends visit there, the reason for gathering the two. we  three times to cancel the meeting due to various factors, issues of time, place and many more,finaly we decided to visit this place. when he got there I felt the cold air away from air pollution to make my mind clear. gathered together was very enjoyable, we do many things there, talking for hours about issue personal, school, work, love, until Anang-Ashanti and Syahrini, hehehe. eating ice cream together, taking pictures together, laughing and. not satisfied at Bogor botanical gardens we went to the BTM for lunch, but unfortunately uthe meet with ex him with other women, but just yesterday the former invites feedback. oh it make him upset and annoyed. but the turmoil was relieved by eating steak that makes your eyes wide open. hahaha and finally settle for playing a day, we decided to come home each. exhausting day but very memorable and very happy meet my friends and I'll see you at the next social gathering.

Selasa, 29 Mei 2012


Friend is one of the most important treasure in the world. many people think of money, intelligence, success, intelligence, or other thing is matrelialistik. they were wrong. I was able to survive when my ex-boyfriend left me, I was able to survive when there is a complicated matter. It was not because of money, or other materialistic things, but the friends who are always there for me, whenever and wherever.
My own experience with friendship has been just as varied, my best friend from growing up,my best friend since SMA .  my best friend from college, and my best friend from anywhere. We shared everything and we did everything together.
 To this very day, i had some very dear friends,  They were friends while I was still at school.   we fought like siblings.  We went  together.  We invented many elaborate types of problems.  We have cried together.  Laughed together.  Loved each other.  I know I could call on anytime, day or night, and they would be there to help me out, no questions asked.  Just like my own family. Everyone should be grateful with friends like that. We have been friends  for over 6 years. we spent hours chatting on the phone, ask something that is not important, or even sing favorite songs without caring if my voice is bad. go into my bedroom while sleeping, turn on the tv, pick up an ashtray and assume personal room is his room. teasing, cursing, or even hit you if you really deserve it. friendship also add to the story and the story was developed in such a way that we giggled like crazy in the eyes of others.
Friendship and memories  are wonderful to bring back great memories of past times spent with special friends. we will always have these memories and treasure them with such joy. We really hope our selection of friendship and memories bring back all we wonderful memories. Never forget the days we spent together

my best friends, we was growing up together

They were friends while I was still at school


 my best friend from college,